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VIDEO: Natural Home Dairy - milk from Goats Answered

Hi Friends,

I wasn't sure where to put this, so I'm trying here. I'm working with my friend Deborah on producing an instructional DVD teaching about goat care. She just gave a presentation this past weekend, that I filmed and put on YouTube.

It's instructional, as in, "here's how you take care of goats and milk them", etc. but it wasn't really my info, so I didn't want to make a video instructables from it (as I don't have the knowledge to answer any questions you might have anyways!)

So, I thought I would post her hour-long presentation video here for you to enjoy.

If you are interested in raising goats for milking and would be interested in buying an instructional DVD teaching about it, what would you want in it? What questions do you want to know the answers to?

Well, here's a video to get you started.

You can also visit Deborah's blog at http://www.homegrownandhandmadethebook.com  Look for a "Goats 101" instructional DVD in the not-so-distant future!


I uploaded a video a while back that a friend of mine did ( on barn-raising )
One of the Instructables editors suggested that I do it as a forum topic instead.

This seemed to fit the same bill.

You could, of course, persuade your friend to join and post it herself, but, IMO, if you are working together on this project, it would be perfectly fine for you to post it yourself (the editor probably thought it was a video you found, rather than helped make - it might be an idea to clarify that in the description you post along with it).

Ah, okay; thanks! BTW, you can reply to a specific comment using the "Reply" button inside that comment's box.

give this video any name you wish, but I found this to be very interesting & very educational.

I thank you for the time & effort it took to make the video & post it on here.

II have always enjoyed goats...but then again, I never had to raise them & work with them on a daily basis.

Thanks again Ma'am.

Why not upload this as a Video I'ble, rather than as a forum topic?