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Valentine's Contest? Phooey! Answered


The Valentine's Contest is open.


Kitewife's gift is going to be made of iron...

Ah, well, I'll still post it.

(Still having the problem where I have to post in feedback or marketplace, then re-classify after publication)


Gee, you look different, Kiteman. Did you get a haircut recently?
This was the sidebar ad.

Picture 41.pngPicture 42.png

Matching ball and chain? How lovely.
>ducks and runs for cover<

Come >clink< back >clink< here >clank< and say >thud< that!


Gift made of iron eh?
KM - 'So, i made you something out of iron for valentines...'
KW - 'Erm.. this is an iron?'
KM - 'Now get to and iron my bow tie woman!'

or it may be an iron blouse, useful for defense when those terrible marauder attacks that happen while Mr. K is away. ;-)