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Value my 12 string guitar please? Answered

I recently got a second hand Takamine En 10-12, I struggle to play it so would like to sell it, It has a a damaged neck where it was stood on by previous owner but it doesn't effect the playing I think its more crushed and cracked than snapper, and it is electro-acoustic but the pre amp does not work. I am looking for a rough valuation and where the best place to sell it is




5 years ago

Its likely the only thing keeping the neck in one piece it the truss rod. The best way I know to set a valuation on the guitar is to check the retail price of the needed repairs, including labor (replace the neck, repair the pre-amp, etc.) then go to places like local music stores, eBay, Craigslist, on-line guitar/music stores and try to find a general value range for guitars like yours and in the same approximate condition after repairs.
Average out these prices, then deduct the cost of repairs and use that as a starting asking price. Be prepared to negotiate.
Try to sell at those same places you used to get the value of the guitar.

Not a lot in it's condition. A new one in the Uk = £550

So in good condition reckon on 1/4 to 1/2 of that.

But damaged I wouldn't pay more then £60 and expect to buy a new neck.
If you struggle to play the 12 string - reduce it to 6 strings and see if you get on better.

Sounds like its worth about what you paid for the new strings.