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Vampirerave.com Answered

Anybody belong to vampirerave.com? I would like to add you

I passed on how amazing instructables is!

Pic is a random picture - one of my favorites of a baby skull. The skull is not broken, thats how babys are when born. Thats why theyre very  delicate until the fontanelles "fuse"-I guess thats the word. Have a great day


I use to be a member but left gave away 2 accounts. The site is not at all what it use to be. there is was too much drama and drama is what the site owner wants he feels the more drama the more money simply because if members buys a membership and they quit then he makes money.

The site is useless admin does not help you all they are told to say is if anyone is bothering you then use the block feature. If someone is bothering you to the point of personal threats then call the authorities .. thats it !

I dated somewhat haha one of the admin Mooniepie she told me things that was so freaking amazing on how people were treated and thought of. Admin repeats members problems with their friends and fellow admin members and so on so forth until its spread across the entire site. I would add you but psst I would neer go back to such a drama controlled site ever again. !!

I am not a member but I do watch Oddities often....great show and the actual store Obsura is only about a 3 hour drive from here :-)