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Vampires versus Zombies. Which affliction reigns supreme? Answered

Assume for a moment that both vampire's and zombies exist, and also that zombie's disease is a blood borne one. If the vampire decides to feed and jumps a zombie does the zombie become vampireish or does the vampire, draining the zombies blood, become infected.Or does the zombie just die and the vampire ends up with indigestion?


Well, the vampire would die because contact with zombie flesh(especially the blood)is fatal.

Maybe the blood borne disease wouldn't make any difference to the vampire. Depending on which version of vampire he/she is, they are usually only harmed by certain things, garlic, holy water, crucifix, sunlight, stake, Frankenstein's monster.

All I know for sure is if a vampire bit me, they would go into an alcoholic coma, and then someone could safely drag them out side to await sunrise.

Zombie beats vampire, because the quality of vampires have gone down thanks to Twilight, while Video games make the quality of zombies go up.

Neither.  Tax collectors beat them all!