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Vandergraph generator Answered

I am interested in building a small  vandergraph generator.  I am thinking this will certainly be no taller then 2ft and likely closer to 1ft.  I understand the general principal of how it works and this should be a good first voltage project that I should have everything I need for.  What has been holding me back for quite some time is that I could not come up with a decent belt for the inside.  But I read on the forums I think that leather is a good belt to use (or human skin).  This seems very odd to me and maybe I am missing something but is this really a good thing to use as a belt?  It would be nice because I could cut it as wide and long as I need and then sew it into a belt with some thread.  I happen to have some leather laying around from some crafting I have been working on.  

Then as long as I am making this thread I was wondering what the best "tube" would be that the belt runs in.  I had considered making a plexi glass tube with hot glue to hold it together.  I think it could be cool to have a see through setup.  But I want this to work as well as I can get it.  So if a different material would work better I am open to suggestions.

Also I will try my best to find my camera and post step by step photos once I know what the heck I am doing.


Neither leather nor human skin are suitable, they have too much leakage. A rubber belt would be a better choice, but not black, since that's likely to be coloured with carbon black.

Darn, back to rubber huh? OK thank you for the input I will see what I might be able to come up with.

Yep, tis one of the reasons I wear leather bottomed shoes to work....with metal raised floors, most static potential I get from sliding in and out of my seat is disipated through the shoe bottoms

Have a look at these projects for information.

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Uhhhh I thought I might have been off on the spelling but was too tired to think of Googleing it or something. Now I see just how bad it was. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.