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Various devices keep on getting kicked off my wireless network? Answered

At random times certain devices get kicked off our wireless network. Sometimes we can immediately reconnect other times it won't work for a while. I have already checked and their are no other wireless network on the same channel. Their are 4 computers running Windows 7, 1 running Vista, one wired in running xp, a kindle, and and Ipod Touch. We rarely have more than 3 or 4 devices on at a time. The devices that get kicked off most often is one of the laptops running Windows 7 and the Ipod Touch.  My internet is provided by comcast and my wireless  router is a Cisco Linsys WRT 110. If you need any more information tell me what you need and I will see what I can do.


Sometimes these things stop functioning properly for no reason at all. I just got a new wireless router last week because the one I had started dropping the connection with the ISP. So after a quick phone call, they sent out a Tech the next day to check the system and they had to replace it. They can't even be bothered to figure out why it stopped working. The Tech said its not worth the time for the cost of the units. So if you can get them to replace it, it'll save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Canucksgirl has lots of great advice.

Another thought, from my research there are lots of wifi deliberate attacks that involve disconnecting active connections to cause a vulnerability in the handshake when the reconnect happens. Keep a close eye on the routing table to ensure someone hasn't broken in.

Update your firmware; sometimes something just 'goes wrong' and the update or factory reset can get the bug out.
Firmware download:
Router support page:

Things/appliances/networks on 'nearby' channels can cause interference with your wifi despite it being an empty channel - such as fluorescent lights or microwave ovens. Try changing channels, I recommend avoiding 1 6 and 12, the rest is usually okay.


I agree with frollard. If you haven't updated the firmware, update it. We had a wrt110 with the original firmware and seemed to have issues as you describe, firmware upgrade solved the problem. :)

Could it be an IP conflict. If the laptop is using an IP the the iPod thinks it should have there will be a conflict and they could both be dropped. This is a common problem since the iPod won't maintain its connection while in standby.