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Very simple question about connecting laptop to tv? Answered

Hello, I'm in a bit of a rush to get this done and will just have to do it on the day.

I want to put a slideshow on a modern TV.
I will just be using  jpeg photos; I use mac normally but this will be a PC and there is, I assume, a slideshow function of some sort.

I briefly saw the TV; it had scart, hdmi 1, hdmi 2, and those red-yellow-white phono leads.

I think that the laptop will have vga and hdmi .

Can any one suggest the best/simplest connection to connection ?

I mean can I simply use hdmi to hdmi ( is it suitable for this )
or vga to hdmi or scart to vga or any of these combinations  ?


Sorry for the simple question but I just need to get it right for the event with a small amount of time available and have many other things
to do.

Thank you for any replies..



Best Answer 6 years ago

HDMI to HDMI would be the best, assuming that the laptop does in fact have HDMI. Just be sure not to go too cheap on the HDMI cable; cheaper cables are made cheaper, so they don't work as well (or at all).


+1 And if for some reason you can't get that working, buy a pkg of DVD's and burn your slideshow onto a disc. As long as you have a DVD player, its at least a backup option.


I always have a DVD backup of anything critical. :)

Same here. Like Murphy's Law suggests... if something can go wrong, it will. ;)

Especially when it comes to AV. There's a common saying in sound:

"If it can go wrong it will. If there is no possible way on this earth for something to go wrong.......................... then it still might!" ;)

I can relate. We've done live sports and events, broadcasted online... you can't have enough backups in place.

Dear Canucksgirl,

Ultimately I ended up using a DVD player .
Thanks for your sage advice.


Hi FOH, Sounds like Murphy's Law applied here, but at least you got something to work in the end. - canucksgirl