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I think I may have asked this before but do you have any plans of converting this to video? Not sure if the point of your class to be affiliate marketing and so you need all the links to generate money? Personally, I find it exhausting reading through the lessons. Would love to soak in your knowledge and lessons through video which is fun, concise and actionable. Anyway, just my opinion and thoughts.



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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-05-15

Sadly, I can't say I'll be adding any videos! They're not my strong suit, and I prefer learning and teaching through text and photos. :)

Though I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the YouTubes listed below. (They are some of the few I really enjoy watching!) Lots of really practical and realistic cooking tips and recipes. And the videos are lovely quality, too!

Chow Tips

Bon Appétit

Alex French Guy Cooking

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