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Video Instructables Answered

I'm working on an instructable on how to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to make a video instructable, rather than lengthy text?



11 years ago

I agree with crapfinger, both if you have time and you think people will understand your concept better. As for what to use to edit it, windows movie maker comes with windows and is fairly easy to learn. Personally, I like sony vegas. I stumbled across it when someone needed me to edit video for them and I had to learn how fast. Windows movie maker wasn't powerful enough to do the job but vegas was perfect for me. I dont see much software that makes it easy to do simple things and still has the power to do what you want to do. Its not free but i think there is a trial version. It blew my expectations out of the water so i recommend giving it a shot.

I tried to make a instructable and edit it with imovie, addind titles and text and some small special effects. Well the new version of imovie sucks because it uses too many resources just for the glossy interface and sliding effects when you move things around. Does anyone know if there is any good programs for mac that would pretty much replace the roll of imovie?

for my 2 cents...i prefer BOTH to be available...if you have the time...that way you can read through the steps..and/or watch the video version...some dialup users might not be able to benifit from the video instructable as much...also...if at least the main complicated parts are highlighted...you can go back to those parts easier when you're trying the project for yourself...instead of having to figure out where in the video you saw that step..

i like final cut express its good for doing quick simple jobs easy to use

Go for it ;) Some things are more clear when the viewers can watch it happen ;)

Know any good video editing software? I'm trying to find something to do the same :P