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Video Recording on a xbox 360. Answered

Does anybody know of any mods, or programs for recording what you do on 360? i need a video recording program, (if you know of one that will record voice chat then ausome, but if not then mention the one that will record video plz) i need help and anything will be much appreciated. ps. by the way, the cheaper the better, but i can deal with programs that i need to buy.



You probably need an output with a USB on the other end to plug into your PC. I found this site while typing in a very similar question. So thanks to both of you I have what i need :) I needed to record Minecraft on my xbox for tutorial videos. Which i planned to add to my website at www.minecraftxbox.wix.com/minecraftxbox there is a comment bar on it so tell me what you think!

I use a tv capture card on my computer and record like that. It gives you everything on the screen and every sound from the xbox which is nice.

wow, this has been a while since i put this up, lol do you use a usb card and run the Xbox through your computer and how do you do that?

Well, you can get USB plug in ones or graphic cards with them built in. I have used both and I like the graphic card version more. It costs more usually but they are both good. Basically you plug the xbox RCA connectors (Yellow-Red-White jacks) into the back of your computer and open up a video recording program and record it.

thx and obviously id need a vid card with rca hook ups huh?

Yeah. I have ATI wonder capture card. It has dual monitor output, S-Video, RCA and it has Cable input, fm radio, RCA input and S-Video Inputs. Its pretty sweet. I watch and record tv with it.

nice, two more ?'s. how much that run you? and do you have to have a seperate vd card or does it work as one too. srry for all the questions, i hate buying somthing and ending up having to return it. especially when i have to buy it online.

I think I have the ATI Technologies All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 Graphics Card. It was like $100 I think but you can get it now for $60 ish. It replaces your current video card. You can get really cheap USB ones for $30ish also that only record video.

yah ill probally go with yours, i need a new vid card neway, how does it run as a vid card? my buget is around 100$ ne way so ill look it up on new egg or sumtin.

great imo. I use it for some gaming not much though. I have used for video editing. My only problem is with the dual screens. I have this problem with every computer that has dual screens I have ever used. The problem is that when I try to streach the video over to the other screen in blacks out the video box on one side or the other which is lame.

that sucks but i dont use dual screens much so oh well. thx a lot man.

Sure. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks

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10 years ago

will just a usb one hooked up to my 360, or should i use one of the ones that hook up to the output