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Video Splitters Answered

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Does anyone know of any good, freeware, video splitters? I have some home videos that I converted to digital format (MPEG), but they are a good 2-3 hours long, per film. It takes forever to put them on my mp3 player. Most of the splitters I have seen only convert the first few minutes, then you have to buy the program. Any help would be appreciated!

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chaoscampbell (author)2008-01-12

splitter as in split the file into parts? if thats what you mean.... and you wanna make it simple..... just load it into windows movie maker and add just a few of the seperated chapters at a time then save to file.....then delete those....add a few more.....save to file..... I've never looked for any on the net.......so thats just the first thing I thought off the top of my head

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Bran (author)chaoscampbell2008-01-12

Of course! Thanks! I aslways forget WMM!

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