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Video game Ideas? Answered

Okay, so I'm in high school an my shop is Graphic Design. We have to do senior projects based on our shop and I decided to do a video game. However, I'm not quite sure what I want the whole concept of it to be. Does anyone have any ideas that I could use?


Blender.org has a way of controling a radio control with a camera to create the environment it sees.

What type of game were you thinking of making? FPS, RTS, racing, sport, platform, puzzle, RPG, tower defence, 4X, etc?
Each will require different balances of story, art, programming and AI.

Which ever you choose a good theme might be your school (seeing how it is a school project and all). You can use friends, social circles, subjects or clubs as different characters (either collaborative or competitive). Just make sure to stay far far away from anything controversial...

I was thinking about doing an RPG. The school thing is actually an interesting idea... thanks!

I once thought of a RPG for my close friends where each side had different main resource (cola, beer, meat, tabaco) and each had different types of units (robots, modular vehicles, metalheads, and mutant monkeys). Try something similar with the way you split your school!

As rickharris said, the important thing is to actually finish it. So keep it relatively simple. Seeing how it is for graphic design you might want to focus on an interesting art style. Add a couple units per side, a few levels and maybe instead of AI require the game to be played multiplayer.

Try playing several RPGs, the more experimental the better, and you should get plenty of inspiration for your game in particular. Indie games are specially great for this because they are often done with minimal resources and are often available for free. Try googling for "free indie rpg" or something.

How about something SIMS related using your school, students, teachers etc... Instead of furnishing a house, you could have classrooms, a lounge, the cafeteria etc furnished with things like vending machines, computers, couches... anything students would want in their "ultimate school". Pick certain teachers or students as the characters and you might have something... (sounds like a fun project). :D

Something really simple you can achieve. It's all about how you attack the project rather than about what you actually do.

Finishing is important.