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Video submission glitch? Answered

I'm new at posting video instructables.  In the required box that says "embed video code", does that mean the URL of the video that I have posted on Youtube, or something else?   When I enter the URL and click SAVE, it erases the URL.  I can't publish it without something in the video code box. 

Help, please!


on youtube video click on that SHARE button, you then want to copy the embed code from there into the box when adding the video on ibles. Make sure to have "old embed" code checked on the youtube options and others unchecked to get rid of the miscellaneous junk. Leave it at the default size, small-med so it appears correctly on ibles.

Go to YouTube (to your video), click on the "share" button (below the video player window) and then click the "Embed" button.

You'll see a box expand open with the code you need.

Copy ALL of the code, open your video Instructable and paste the code into the "Embed Video Code" box.

Let me know if you need more help.