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Vintage Potentiometer to digital Potentiometer problems Answered

I have modify a vintage wooded radio into a digital amp with bluetooth. It work great, but since I wanted to have the outside look I had no choices but to hack the 20k potentiometer on the digital amp (lepi 30$) to use the original Potentiometer.. the vintage one.

I'm looking to find a way I can fix this Potentiometer so it would reach the 20k.
The Potentiometer on the Lepi circuit board is a b20k for sure, but I don't know about the vintage one, there no info written on it.

it's 2 questions for one thing, fix this volume so it won't blowout the speakers.
1- how to fix this ? I believe a resistor should do the job, but 'how much resistance needed?
2- if this is a resistor, well how do I solder it ? (6 wires, which one?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Why not extend the shaft on the right sized pot if it is too short?

yes indeed, I've tried, but I would need a single size shaft, the way I've tried is with a joint with 2 screws, this take too much length so it won't fit inside. Basically I can use ducktape or other glue stuff, but I don't have the feeling this will last for many years turning this know with 2 parts shaft... still the real thing is the best, but it does not exist, even mouser don't have it.


4 years ago

I have not found a POT with a long nob at 20k...

the long nob is still the problem with this POT


adding a resistor will only make things quieter. I suggest finding a new POT with the range you need a a shaft large enough to accommodate the vintage knob. At the very least it can have a long enough post that can be modified to accept the vintage knob. Start looking at part suppliers like Mouser. They should have what you need.