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Vinyl media cabinet inbuilt speaker help Answered

Hello everyone I'm a complete newbie I'm afraid so sorry for asking for such help so early on!

Im renovating an old vinyl cabinet I found in the salvos and turning into a dj deck for my new Vestax Typhoon. I need space for my laptop and midi mixer and would love to still have the original vinyl player on show somehow! Any ideas from the creative community I ideally want to dj from behind the speakers.

Also I have plugged it in and I get some sound from the speakers and the volume knob still works but the radio does not. What is the best way to have the midi mixer hooked up to the speakers so I can play out of them? Im not sure of their quality and if they are rubbish when hooked up I can also replace them. Any electrical knowledge would be amazing and can just about wield a soldering iron!

Much thanks in advance any ideas on colour schemes or extra add ons would be very welcome!!



i would place a wager that the majority of that cabinet is empty space, especially the two high spots on either side of the record player compartment. you could cut the tops off of those (carefully) and create a box on either side there that would raise and lower (maybe electronically with some actuators) then you could put all your modern equipment inside of those compartments. roll up to the show, and it all looks like old equipment, flip a switch and your new deck rises up and your laser light show starts up.

If you want to preserve the retro look, and had some woodworking skills, it shouldn't be too hard to modify the phonograph player into a drawer that slides out to the front. If the top lid remains closed, I would build a new enclosed or surrounded deck that sits on top for custom placement of your new electronic equipment. I don't know if you are going to need this portable to transport to a dj gig or parties so it would be easy to set up and take apart. And you have all this room to mount lights and lasers... Or the easiest thing to do is to add a fold out shelf or flip-over tabletop exstension to the top attached to the back. You would need more room to work though. The speakers are probably heavy duty considering it is mounted in a console. Do you have an amplifier or some other stereo equipment to hook up directly to the speakers? It should be simple to take off the old wiring and patch it into the new. And if you want the old electronics still hooked up, you can add a switch for the connections. Good luck.