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I am looking for record donations to start a huge project. If anyone wants to give me their records, I will gladly pay a reasonable s&h; fee. I am working on a project which will eventually result in a massive record player that has multiple turntables but only one needle. i will cite everyone who donated records, and eventually, i will donate the machine to instructables hq, with the records of everyone who donated records. that way, we will have started a true collaboration. also, if anyone has any suggestions for a mechanism, or has made a useful component, they can send that to me as well.


All the records I have (left) are from the '60-'70's) and if they were not all scratched up, would be worth something, especially my: "dis*en-Hair-et*ed" album

AHHHHHHH! I can't take this anymore - My records are in Minnesota. Sorry :,(