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Violin Missing Fine Tuning Pegs. How Do I Fix? Answered

An old(ish) violin found in the attic.  All but one of the tuning pegs are missing, but other than that, it's in fairly good condition.  How do I replace the pegs?


You don't need all the fine tuners. You can tune it using only the pegs on the scroll, it just takes a bit more skill. Only the E string one is necessary as it is the thinnest and easiest to break.

There is no way to make your own fine tuners, they are a mechanism that tightens the string.  They are not just screws.  Go to your local music shop and they will have replacements if you need all 4.

Are the strings attached to the tailpiece, or is it missing strings?

theyre all attached, and ive tried the pegs on the scroll, it doesnt work.

That tailpiece may not be built to have all the fine tuners. What do you mean by doesn't work? Do they slip, or can you not tune it accurately enough with just the pegs?

they just slip back to being fairly slack before my very eyes. and it is built to have all the fine tuners, the previous owner said it used to have them.

Tighten the string with the peg, then push the peg into the neck.  The pegs are tapered, they will get tighter as you push them in further.  It won't take much, maybe a 1/16 of an inch. If that doesn't work, pull the peg out a little bit and rub some rosin on it.  The rosin will help it stick and not slip.

Having fine tuners will not help the situation you are having now, you need to get the pegs working and holding before you can think about using fine tuners.

Are all the strings loose?  If so, has the bridge moved at all?

Thank you! :D I might be able to learn how to play it now! ((H))

Making them is more fun then buying.
Get some good hard wood and turn it.

The fine-tuning pegs will be finger-tight screws made of metal (the ones at the base where the strings attach, not up on the neck).

They should be a standard thread, I've found plenty of violin stringing looms online - so surely the parts are available.

What type of screw are we talking here, drywall screws and the like, or a different type? I'm trying to fix it both on the free as well as under mother-radar.


I was thinking those...very fine metal screws in a lever mechanism

Buy new ones.

Take it to a local music shop and they can point you in the right direction.