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Violin Upcycle? Answered

I have a broken violin that I cannot use because I don't play and i don't know anyone who does. I don't want to throw it out and see it go to waste. I tried thinking of a way to upcycle it , find some other use for it, convert it to something else, etc. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, thanks


What can I do with old and useless violin bow?

yeah steam punk it is a good one, take a look at my brothers violin on here may give you some ideas, he is gmjhowe, he made something beautiful from an old violin, :)

Remove the neck and fittings - Replace the body with a solid body and fit a pick up and steel strings and make an electric violin -

1. It will be more valuable

2. Learn to play it.

Steam-punk it up, adding gears, copper tubes etc, then build an MP3 player into it.

The first thing I would do is see what its worth to someone in the condition that its in. Violins (as well as other instruments) can be repaired and restored, so selling it could be a good option for you to use the funds towards another project.

If you're not interested in selling it, then how about a secret safe? Cut a square out the back and make it into a door; then fill the back with some valuables, lock it up and hang it on the wall, or put it on a shelf and its a discrete safe.

You could make a lamp from it by drilling a hole in the top of the neck and at the bottom (in order to run electrical cord), then just add a flat base, a shade and light and you have an interesting reading lamp.

It would make a wonderful wall-piece, especially if you added lighting to the inside of it.

How broken is broken? Painting/refinishing the outside is also a good option.