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Virus Instruction? Answered

I was googling to find a solution to the aftermath of a virus on a friend's computer.  What do I find?  Instructions on how to construct a virus.  Most of the posts were incredibly illiterate.  Big surprise, huh?  Why does a site that offers much quality allow this s**t?    Are there any awake moderators out there?


You do realize a site as big as this can't have staff manning the gun 24/7 to shoot down poor quality content out there right?

How do you know? The OP did not link or name the instructable he was talking about.

I looked at where the OP left a previous comment - she's right, its nasty, and inimical to the spirit of Instructables.


Really? The OP has "apparently" not left any comments on I'bles. As of now (10:03 pm PDT) they have a total of three comments, but none on an Instructable.

Eh ?
Are we on the same website ?


Looks pretty clear to me they HAVE posted.


I don't disagree, Steve, but if you go to the OP's page, their stat's card says "Comments 3", but the main body of the page shows "karena0822 has not posted any comments yet... ". That means that they have made three comments in forum topics or to Questions, but no comments on actual I'bles.

As I recall, those stats generally lag by about 24 hours, depending on which cache server you hit. So presumably by tomorrow the information will be more accurate.

I think the OP is referring to a forum TOPIC, rather than an actual instructable.

I didn't do that, because I know the system counters here are essentially borked, I looked for "How to write a virus" and up came the OPs comment. If you remember some previous correspondence, there are several black holes in this area of the site.


Comment counters are broken. They are no longer reliable for either forum postings/comments, answers, *or* instructable comments, as I have found. Add it to The List.


Poor quality isn't the issue. Enabling/encouraging malware and allowing instructions for it to stay on the site for weeks is unconscionable I understand that a determined developer of such detritus might find a way, but why help the lowlifes who don't have the brains to figure it out? And isn't it still unethical AND unlawful to deploy destructive viruses? Aiding and abetting anyone?

"Most of the posts were incredibly illiterate. Big surprise, huh? Why does a site that offers much quality allow this s**t? Are there any awake moderators out there?"

Sorry about that, your post implied you were complaining about the poor quality of the instructables, rather than the content of them. How many views did said instructable have, and what was the exact date of posting?

I'm all for pedantic quibbles over wording and precise definitions, but it was clear to me that "s**t" referred to the content and not the quality of the instructables, as the post title also implies.

Since you created an account in order to post this, I presume that you read the Terms of Service when you registered. There are no moderators, awake or otherwise. The intellectual property contained in the Instructables posted here are the property and the responsibility of the authors, not of the site.

If you don't like something, you can and should use the FLAG option to identify it to Staff, who can then decide what action (if any) to take under the Terms of Service.

I'm aware of the FLAG option, but "inappropriate", not nice", and "spam" are all grayed out. So I can flag, but nobody will ever see it?

That's odd. Anyone should be able to flag, and select the appropriate classification. By "not nice," it sounds like you're looking at the flags for individual comments.

If you look up at the top of an Instructable, you should a Flag link, which has four choices: "Wrong Category," "Inappropriate," "Incomplete," and "Spam." If it's really greyed out (and I don't see that), would you mind terribly posting a bug report, and include a little screen capture showing it? Then Staff can figure out what's wrong.