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Virus and trojan on this site Answered

Two days ago I got a virus on this site.



This is quite ancient, but I did get hit with a virus via an instructable here (about two months ago.....it was nasty, too!).......I believe it was an electronics instructable, with a huge amount of parts suppliers links within in it, and one of the suppliers sites is where I got the virus.  The guy who created the instructable probably had nothing to do with anything, I think it was just attached to some chinese company's web site. 

So you warned people not to use this site....by posting on this site.....

Is this one of those popup screens that says "Warning! Your computer is infected with a virus! Click here to scan" by any chance?

. Answering these questions will help Robot track down the offending ad:
.  How do you know that you have a virus?
.  Which virus is it?
.  How do you know it came from Ibles?
.  Which OS were you using?
.  Which browser were you using?
.  Robot takes this very seriously, but he can't fix it if he doesn't have a few details.

I am another viewer with a similar 'problem' .... https://www.instructables.com/id/Several-Easy-Steps-to-Secure-Your-Computer/step1/Priority-Updates/.... Running Windows7, AVG, and "blocked virus trojan etc." messages.... I hit the Instructable url above twice and got the same sequence of "virus-trojan" warning pop ups.... posted same info, mostly, on another submission july 18 2010.

Go to www.bleepingcomputer.com and get all the instructions for cleaning up your pc from them. They have fixes most trojans, viruses, ad ware and other problems. It did take me over 8 hours total to fix it and get my system back.

Would it not be easier to install a decent firewall / anti-virus software in the first place?

I am running Norton, and it says the site is safe at all levels.

It would probably help them fix it if you said where it is...