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Vista? Answered

I have a Vista 64-bit laptop (my previous computer was a copy of windows 2000), and there's nothing i hate more than when my laptop tells me Access Denied. I'm obviously an administrator group with total privilege. Is there a way to get my computer to stop telling me no? I want my computer to warn me when I'm getting ready to do something stupid but if I want to do something stupid then let me do something stupid! Honestly I kinda miss the no interfering way that windows 2000 ran, not telling me no for instance. I guess the point I'm making is, is there a way to stop my computer from telling me no? Also if it will remember that I'm in charge and it should respect / fear me would be cool, too. --thanks


downgrade to windows xp, 2000, etc. or upgrade to windows 7 personally i just ditched windows and moved to ubuntu

+1, though I would say linux generally rather than singling out ubuntu. I've stayed on XP for Windows, I'm running RHEL for business (with a virtual machine that can run XP inside Linux).

Vista was A Mistake.

Yeah I have some hardware (tablet) that requires windows so I just split my hard drive between linux and Xp

Just ditch vista and move on to win 7,don't listen to techno geeks ranting on about Ubuntu!, Linux for desktop's will never go anywhere while command line is needed.

Ubuntu works great without ever once using the command line. As does most Windows OS, the command line is there and it can be used for precision and/or speed but it is not a necessity. In fact most users never even open a command line in modern Linux OSes.

I disagree with you,I have spent countless hours with Ubuntu right through to Lynpus looking for a user experience that match's or best's the windows environment.Perhaps Natty will be the version that draws me back,if I have to open the Terminal for a single apt get, it's one too many for me and one to many for any soccer mom migrating from windows hoping for a A HA! moment.Unfortunately this debate could go on and on,and I'm sure you agree.


7 years ago

Install Ubuntu and move into the 21st Century.

I have horror stories of my own with Windows Vista. I personally do not like it and I worked much better with older versions of Windows. Sometimes I feel like taking my 9mm Glock and take my laptop "for a ride" deep in the woods.

Windows Vista - Win ME for the New Generation!

Does the 'Superuser' Instructable over there ---->  do what you're after?

As for respect / fear, you'll just have to accept that your PC hates and despises you (you slow-thinking dollop of carbon based flab) and will thwart your every scheme by misbahaving at the most critical of moments,