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Voice recognition Answered

Does anyone else here use speech recognition? I just got my new vista, and discovered that there is a new speech recognition program. It's pretty good, I like it a lot. By the way, I came to instructables, started a new topic, and type this all with speech recognition.



11 years ago

I've typically got 5 people using computers in the same room as me. I really, really, don't want even one of them talking to their computer as the default input method! Work in the typical cubical farm would be worse. School in the average lecture hall would be impossible. On top of that, most experienced users can type faster than they can talk anyway. I think the whole voice recognition thing has been blown out of proportion since... forever.

I understand your point.....bbbuuuttt putting on my lecturers hat for a minute I think that SR software does have a use and that is for people with speech, visual and/or auditory impairments.....then it has a use. I have had three students during my time who have used it in one form or the other.

In our offices we have it taken off the corporate standard builds as it became a gimic and it spent time for people to train it sufficiently. By the time you have various conversation going on, by phone, corridor meeting or the office junior shouting across the room, you may well have typed it.

I understand west's point, another person gets annoying, and unless its pretty quiet, it gets faulty. But when youre along in the house or such, speech recognition is both fun, and helpful for supplementing your mouse. It's very good for switching between programs, closing programs, starting programs, etc.

When Mac OS introduced it, it was fun for a few days to play with. Hmm... I think it was part of 7.5. Of course, that was very limited, but it was cool. It's gotten a lot better since, and actually has practical uses today. I still see little use on the computer. It's in my cell phone though, and I use it all the time there. I have a hands free setup in the car and all I have to do it press one button... "Say Command." I respond, "Call Louise." Then, "Home or Mobile?" I respond, "Home." in a second, I'm talking to Louise. No interruption to my driving whatsoever.

Yeah, you'll sees some videos of it going awry, and it does sometimes for dictation, but for navigating windows, it's the best.

I'm not using it but its sounds great, next year my school's computers going to be upgraded to Vista *can't wait for using it!*