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what's better waffles or pancakes the all time breakfast debate!!!


Crepes with 8 different fresh fruits, 2 different types of whipped cream, 4 different types of syrup and grapefruit juice on the side... If that doesn't count I would like to put my vote firmly in waffle side of things. :D

Neither, I'm afraid.

If I had my choice of breakfast, it would be a Sausage-and-Egg McMuffin and a large black coffee.

Yes, I know McD is the root of all capitalist evil and are the instigators of a deliberate plot to strip the planet bare of rainforests, give all children diabetes, and install George Bush as President-of-Earth-for-Life, but the McMuffins are just so nice...

capitalist evil

I think you made a sentence error. Those two words just don't work together, Kiteman.

In a few years, when you're old enough to cope with the horror, try googling for Margaret Thatcher. Now there was capitalist evil...

I'm just wondering what's so bad about capitalism?

There's capitalism and there's capitalism, the same way there is socialism and socialism. You think of extreme socialism, you think of Soviet Russia or North Korea. You think of extreme capitalism, think of Thatcher's Britain (it's not just American presidents that start wars to win elections - Thatcher just chose an easier war to win). Neither works in the long run, except to the benefit of a select few.

I'm not against socialism (just to let you know). Even though free market is wayyy better ;-)

But I see what you're saying. You don't hate capitalism, it's just extreme capitalism that you're against.

Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!! Too True lol

Someone needs to learn how to cook his own egg mcmuffin at home! mcdonalds is dog poo in comparison.

Unfortunately, I am not really fully coordinated before my second coffee - cooking my own breakfast is just asking for a visit from the fire brigade...

tosses 'be nice policy' into the wind


Ah, shouldn't morning fare consist of a proper biscuit like a scone with clotted cream/orange marmalade and a spot of tea or have you crossed over to the dark side with an American diet? I usually go for that leftover slice of cold pizza but an Egg McMuffin puts you over the week's limit for sodium intake.

Ah, the occasional toxic splurge does a body good...

...I hope.

Pankakes NOT god damn "crepes"


9 years ago

Real, homemade buttermilk waffles FTW!

Pancakes. I think they taste better and it's a challenge to keep the syrup on, that makes them fun!

Pancakes are for losers.

Mmm, you made me hungry... Lol

Pancakes, if not made in such a way as to suck the moisture of one's mouth out as soon as one puts them IN their mouth, tend to become semi-solid in the gut, and then feel much like one has swallowed billiard balls.

Waffles, on the other hand, appeal more to the "semi-fried" group.

Both are "only" carbs. Without a helping of fruit, or marmalade, and some protein (not sausage: try a couple of yolkless eggs) on the side, they are just going to raise my blood sugar and do little else but add a few more pounds or kilos to the 84 lb (38 K ) of pregnancy I have had to bare for the last 6 years. :-)

I opt for Plain oatmeal (the old fashioned kind you have to actually cook), with a little potassium salt, a couple of tbsps of ground flax seed (gives it a nutty flavor), 2-3 egg's worth of egg beaters....mixed in.....( oh stop it ) and a slice of non-fat or low fat cheese melted over the top, once it is finally finished cooking. Uuuum Um :-)

I feel like they each have their place on the breakfast buffet. But if I had a choice of the two, I would probably have a pancake.

Melt-in-your-mouth, ultra fluffy, homemade pancakes (secret ingredients include sugar, vanilla, and a hint of lemon) beat waffles every day. Blueberry Hills waffles with blueberry syrup beat plain old pancakes. French toast beats plain old waffles.

Frozen waffles beat microwave pancakes as a quick before school breakfast, though.