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WANTED: Recipe for Clear Gel or Glaze (ala Wilton Sparkle Gel) Answered

I recently made my first trial batch of Unicorn Poop, but I ran into a problem!  I tried using the Wilton Sparkle Gel as suggested, and it *looks* fantastic... but it *tastes* bad.  D:  I wasn't sure if it was just me, so I tried it out on my beau, and then a couple of co-workers.  The verdict: plain cookies tasted better than the Wilton-covered cookies.  Oh no!!  That means that my Unicorn Poops will look old and crusty, instead of wet and sparkly!  (The horror, amirite?)

I'd like to "glaze" them so that they can hold onto all the sparkles and decorations that make them so whimsical (as if rainbow colored poop cookies need the help!!) but I don't want to share cookies that taste sub-par because of the decorations.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd like to make my own glaze, and ideally it would "harden", or at least dry "unsticky" (not a word) so that transporting them wouldn't be a hassle.  Maybe glycerin?  Light corn syrup?  I'm open to suggestion!



Sorry I didn't get back to you on this sooner. The glaze is near the bottom of this page:


I was thinking of reducing the water just a bit next time for glazing cookies. But it works just fine as is too.


This what youre looking for?

This is close, but I would really like to find something that does not incorporate fruit juice. I recently tried to make my own simple-syrup glaze, but when it dried it was "frosty" looking - not clear. If I substituted water for the fruit juice, would this recipe still work? And does it dry clear and hard?

Hi. Instead of the Wilton sparkle gel I used a fruit pie/tart glaze for "glue". It's glossy, tastes fine. I popped the cookies into the fridge after decorating to set the glaze. Good luck.

Thanks for the idea! I did a google search but all I found was some information on how to use a jam as a glaze - not what I am looking for. Can you link me to a good clear-glaze recipe?