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Has anyone ever created a wargame using toy army men post rules if you can.


Once they where hit they layed there for 1 turn, and in that time a medic could revive them. Riflemen could move 2 inches per turn. riflemen could not kill tanks unless they managed to get right beside one, and if they did you roll 1 die to see if he suceeded. 5 or lower since it's extremely hard to get next to a tank. If the roll failed, meaning you rolled a 6, the rifleman, or any other troop for that matter, dies.

Medics could not shoot since they could revive soliers. Other than that they
behave just like a rifleman.

Machine gunners act like Riflemen except that they can fire 3 times in 1 turn, making them very valuable infantry killers. They can keep firing at troops until the third shot is fired, even if the kill 1 man before the 3 shots are up. If the kill 1 man before the 3 shots are up they can choose another man to fire at and if they kill him as well, then they can use theyre final shot to try to kill a 3rd man. You do not have to fire three times but there is no reason to not use all three that I can think of. If you fire at a man and miss and you still have more shots left then you can fire at a different man if you wish. You do not have to fire all three shots at 1 man if you keep missing, you can change your target.

Flame throwers are the only troops that have a fire range limit. They can fire up to 8 inches. (They behave just like riflemen as well just like every other troop I will mention.) Roll dice differently for flamers. 0% cover is a definite kill--6 or less, 30% cover--5 or less, 50% cover--4 or less, 80% cover-- 3 or less. You can fire at two people with a flamethrower. "Flamed" casualties(troops killed by flamethrower) cannot be revived by medic, so remove them as soon as they are killed. Flame throwers can also kill tanks, use normal dice rolls for killing tanks. (same rolls as riflemen vs infantry) If you use 1 shot on a tank, you dont get a second.

Finally, the bazooka man. He is the only unit that can kill tanks with no range limit. Tanks dont use cover so they use their sides, front, rear, turret, and top instead. A tank's front armor is strongest so you cannot get a kill on the tank by shooting at it's front armor. The side armor is a 3 or lower to get a kill, the rear armor is a 4 or lower to get a kill, the turret is a 2 or lower to get a kill, and the top armor is an absolute kill. ( 6 or lower)

Tanks can move 5 inches per turn.turning the turret, if it has one, takes up 1 inche of movement per 90 degrees of rotation. This means that the turret can move no more than 1 and 1/4 full rotations.(which is more than enough) The tanks have 2 guns, the main cannon and the machine gun. You can choose 1 weapon to use. If you choose the machine gun, then you can fire 3 times and the turret has to be in the general direction of the target.
Use normal rolling rules. If you use the main cannon then you can fire once at a target, which can be a spot on the ground. Mark the spot you wish to shoot at and roll 1 die. If the die roll is 1-- then the hit missed the mark and it hit 4 inches past the mark, 2-- it hit 2 inches past the mark, 3-- it hit right on the mark, 4-- it hit right on the mark, 5-- it hit 2 inches before the mark, 6-- it hit 4 inches before the mark. To make the effect of explosive tank shells then take your hand and make a fist above the place where the shell hit and destroy everything possible in that area. EVERYTHING in that area is gone; troops, barracades, vehicles.(except other tanks) To kill another tank you fire at the tank with your main cannon and roll 1 die. Front armor shot is a 1 or lower, side armor--3 or lower, rear armor--5 or lower, turret--2 or lower, and top armor is an absolute kill.

Decide who goes first by rolling a die. Whoever gets the lowest number goes first and such like. Start by picking troops and objects.(like barbed wire and sandbags) First to go is whoever got lowest number on dice and second is second lowest and so on. when all the troops and objects are picked then its time to start set up. Set up troops, as well as objects, anywhere you like, unless specified by the game mode rules. The attacker/invader goes first, and then the defender. You may move one troop or vehicle in one turn, or you can choose a different rule: move three in one turn. Continue fighting until one team or all other teams(depending on game mode) are killed off, surrender,(give up) or complete objectives.

There are a couple different game types:

Standard match--- Divide players into teams: 3vs1, 2vs2, or free for all. No Objectives.

Beachhead--- Half the players are divided into two teams, The Invaders and The Defenders. Half = 2 players--- 1 vs 1, 3 players---2 invaders vs 1 defender, 4 players--- 2 vs 2. For this mode the players choose a long strip of empty space to be "The Beach" and all the invader's troops start there. The invaders can choose, if they desire, to send their troops in waves, to the beach. (invaders choose what goes in each wave. There is a max of 4 waves.) The defenders decide upon a reachable point that can't be any farther than 4ft off the edge of the beach, amass their troops on the area just off the beach, and wait for the invaders attack. Invaders must reach the point to win the game. If all defending troops are killed then it is an automatic win even if the invaders havent reached the goal.

Ultimate Defense--- Players choose a defender. The defender chooses a spot to defend that the attackers must reach to win. The defender's troops can be no farther than 6ft from the goal. The attackers are amassed against one defender. They can set up their troops anywhere that is at least 6ft from the goal and no farther than 10 ft from the goal. If the attackers kill all of the defenders troops then the attackers win even if they haven't reached the goal. NOTE: This mode can be very hard for the defender so the defender should be an experienced and good defender for this mode to have the max amount of fun.

I did that when I was younger since I didnt have the cash for warhammer armies. My rules were something like this (this could get lengthy)

Combat: 1 shot per turn
3 or better on a d6 to hit
2 damage

Range: 16 inches

Move: 3 inches

Life: 3 points (infantry guys are usually rather tough)

Machine Gunners
Combat: 3 shots per turn
4 or better ( reflecting the difficulty to maintain accuracy with rapid fire)
2 damage

Range 12 inches

Move: 2 inches (machineguns are heavy)

Life: 3 points

Rocket Launcher
Combat: 1 shot every 2 turns (it takes a little while to reload)
3 or better to hit
5 damage in a 3 inch blast radius

Range: 12 inches

Move: 2 inches

Life 3 points

Combat: 1 shot per turn
2 or better to hit
3 damage

Range: 24 inches

Move:4 inches

Life: 2

1 shot per turn
5 or better to hit
2 damage

Range: 10 inches

Move: 4 inches

Life: 3

Special: may heal wounded units (to full health) instead of attacking

1 shot per turn
3 or better to hit
5 damage over a 4 inch radius

Range: 16 inches

Move: 6 inches

Life: 10



Life 6

Move: 8 inches

Special: can transport up to 4 troops

Range is determined after attck dice have been rolled by measuring with a ruler/tape measure etc (round up), any would be hits that are deemed out of range by measuring are thereby misses

Cover adds 1 to the attackers combat rating ex: a sniper firing at a target behind cover would need a 3 or better instead of a 2 or better to hit the target.

High ground subtracts 1 from the units combat rating. ex. our sniper on high ground hits on a roll of 1 or better instead of 2

Note: the sofa doesnt count as high ground, It is quite simple to make hills and things using corrugated cardboard and cutting it into "hillish" shapes and gluing them together from largest to smallest.
Destroyed vehicles may or may not explode when reaching 0 "life" roll 1d6 on a 1-2 the vehicle explodes, on a 3-6 it does not and is useable as cover, once it takes half its original life in damage again it explodes. an exploding vehicle causes 4 damage in a radius equal to half its movement rate

we used poker chips on the jeeps to represent soldiers in them since the little green men themselves wouldnt fit

Needless to say I had entirely too much time on my hands, but it was fun and my friends and I set up a map of the world and marked our countries with pushpins then battled it out for domination of countries we wanted using our green armies  much like a loooooong, complicated game of Risk.

If you choose not to go the world domination route, instead of splitting everything evenly just have each player roll for the troops/vehicles one at a time (high roll gets it) it may be a little lopsided but it makes for some pretty interesting tactics

awseomest evr i will try when i get home 

Anyway,  the troops were divided into classes: rifleman, machine gunner, medic, flamethrower, and bazooka man. The rifleman could shoot as far as they could see, which we used a yard stick to test Line of Sight. We used dice to decide if you got a hit or not. We esimated the cover that the men were behind to 0%, 30%, 50%, and 80%. You just had to estimate how much of the man's body was covered.(The one being shot at) And everybody had to agree on an estimation. If they couldnt agree on an estimation, each player lost one man of their choice. And when you agreed on the cover one die was rolled. 0% cover--5 or lower, 30% cover--4 or lower, 50% cover--3 or lower, 80% cover--2 or lower.

Well now lets see... I made a game once, we used all the army men we could find and things that army men could use and split them into even as possible teams.
(The most teams we ever had was like 4 with about 30-50 army men each and about 3-4 tanks or artillery and an assortment of barbed wire and sandbags and stuff)
Now me and my friends are all military type guys and we like realistic complex stuff, so we made a realistic complex game. We even went outside and put everything in the dirtpile under our tree, and made foxholes, bunkers, and trenches. (The bunkers were really cool, we used sticks and stuff to make them and molded mud or dirt around them to keep everything in place.)

me and a friend made one where you have 7. 1 medic and 6 troops. you can move 4 inches per turn u can move 1 guy per turn can shoot 5 inches. flip coin for hit if heads he's hit if tails he's not if hit 2 turns he dies if medic reaches him before that then flip coin again same rule except he lives if heads.

that's how my friend and i played when we where 8. he had army men, i didn't.

i don't have army men, i just like strategiegizing. my mind's always thinking.

i agree, that sounds a lot like risk. i think like, you can move spaces, and can annilate anyone in your line of fire that is also within range. you can only move an army man once per round. for different infantry, you might be able to move further, or kill multiple targets, or fire further. referring to bazooka men, snipers, and regular soliders. your round is done whenever you have moved all your men, or when you want it to be, then it's your opponents turn. oh, and turning your men to face someone to fire upon counts as moving.

Yeah - My rules are like this, it has 2 players: you have 25 men each, and you have a map. You have one base and can move one country at a time. You basically go around claiming territories and you must have one troop on each territory. If you try to attack a territory owned by an opponent, you roll one dice per army man you have alive, and arrange them in order from highest to lowest. If the 2 highests are the same, ignore them and move onto the 2 next highest. If one is higher than the other in the same rank, kill one army man of the lower roll's army. once all the soldiers on one team's territory are killed, then the winner get's the territory. The winner of the game is the first to conquer the map and wipe out the opponent.

Umm... That's just Risk. With toy army men.

it's alot different tho, but yeah...