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possibly someone'll poke a critical hole in this, but it's seriously cool anyway.
An edit;
i'm not seriously suggesting that we all abandon fossil fuels as a source of energy, nor am i convinced that this system is genuine. There is, after all, no such thing as a free lunch, nor is there free energy.
However, i DO think it's worth examining in a critical light, which is why i posted it here.



6 years ago

The only reason we don't run our cars off of hydrogen right now is that hydrogen can not be stored in a traditional gas tank. Especially over long periods of time, but even short periods of time can be an issue.

Look up Hydrogen embrittlement.

The hydrogen atoms, for one reason or another (i can get technical, but K.I.S. is always good.), can penetrate crystal lattices, effectively seeping through metals, ceramics, and plastics. Not only does this critically weaken materials used to contain the hydrogen, it also leads directly to loss of hydrogen.

Most ways of avoiding this is include some element of hydrogen generation immediately next to where it's being used, but generating hydrogen takes alot of energy, and in some applications, like on car, that poses a number of problems.

Which isn't to say it's impossible, but it's not going to be pure water as a by product. Carbon in one form or another is going to be produced. The question is how much carbon, and in what form.


6 years ago

Here is an interesting phenomenon that I have observed. A high energy spark gap discharge through water mist will create an explosion. Look it up. My question is how come anyone hasn't developed and implemented this in an engine.


10 years ago

Search youtube for "SALT WATER FUEL." Interesting reaction discovered in radiooncological cancer research. The world is almost full of salt water! What's the frequency, Kenneth? (My microwave doesn't burst into flames like that.) What do you get when you break down salt water into hydrogen oxygen sodium chlorine and recombine it? REALLY HOT!!! Amazingly fast electrolyzing too!

Wouldn't that be cool? Running a car on water?
But I guess the way it works is that you use hydrogen made from water on demand to enhance the performance of the engine when burning the fuel.
A friend of mine want to try it out after reading this review:
Water Fuel Cell Reviewed
Let's see how it will work....

but i's only an energy carrier, not a fuel

And both the initial and final parts of the reaction are exothermic! Remember ... SALT water fuel, ignited by fine tuned microwaves.

He's correct. But do it differently. People are excited about this. Here's how.

Aluminum, without its protective aluminum oxide (AL2O3) covering, is a very reactive metal. It will even pull oxygen from a water molecule to create that aluminum oxide surface layer, liberating the hydrogen as a gas.

The hard part is what to do about the surface layer of aluminum oxide.

The metal gallium is a liquid; it melts at 86 degrees Farenheit. It easily forms alloys, including with aluminum.

A gallium aluminum alloy will be liquid at near room temperature. Also, the aluminum within does not form appreciable amounts of aluminum oxide.

Here's the recipe:

Heat the liquid gallium and and stir in small pieces of aluminum, until lots of aluminum is dissolved in the gallium.

Add water, continue to stir, and stand back! Large quantities of hydrogen are evolved, and a lot of aluminum oxide is brought to the surface of the liquid alloy.

Professor Jerry Woodall at Purdue discovered this - check it out!


there's an instructable about this somewhere, isn't there? the guy uses "liquid metal", largely gallium, and dissolves aluminium.

It's a con. It's been debunked elsewhere, but I can't remember the link offhand.

All he's doing is electrolysing water to H2 and 02. There is no such thing as "a unique HHO" gas - that's just another way of writing steam. Of course it produces water when it burns, he's just recombining the electrolysed gases.

The only unique thing about his process is that he wants you to pay for it before you see it.

H2 / O2 will run a car, same as any flammable gas or liquid will. He is actually wasting a lot of power by dragging his electrolysis kit along with him instead of running it at home and topping up his tank with H2 overnight.

He'd be better off using a fuel cell to recombine the gases, instead of IC, and run much more efficient electric motors.

Exactly. He thinks he can make us think it is fabulous by using technical language that most people dont understand but not us!

And if you believe all the HHO stuff, I have some swamp land near New Orleans I wanna sell you.

i'll swap it for some land near Tewkesbury

Should be plenty of water (fuel) there!


10 years ago

HHO is just H2O Isn't he just seperating the gasses and buring them together

The moron journo' presenting this (who obviously knows nothing about it) failed to comment upon the electrical supply to the generator - wherein likes one energetic drawback, and that's why the guy says nothing about it. Then there's the suspicious dual-fuel system, and the obvious bollacks about HHO... Someone posted another water powered car video recently, but I can't find it (quickly anyway) L

but only one problem the news stations are already predicting we will be fighting over water in 2020 and if we had cars that ran on water that would drain the hole world think about how many cars there are in the world right now we would be out of water in a instant if every body started using that fuel.

the news stations are already predicting we will be fighting over water in 2020

They also said that the world will end when we reach the year 2000 because of the Y2K bug.. :)

Did you see that 1. It turns back into water after it's been used. and 2. It uses 4oz water to go 100 miles?

but i can see them burning stuff for the fuel or something like my speakers dont work and wouldnt that create fossil fuels and be the same as a regular car