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I'm looking for some help in constructing a portable mechanism to attach to a manual wheelchair and to the front of a bicycle while still using the wheelchair handles to manouvre the wheelchair.  The front wheel would have to be removed in order to utilize the wheel chair handles to steer.  This attachment would be for two elderly people able to get out but not able to walk far.  Using this converted mode of transportation would make life so much easier.  The wheel chair is presently folded in the trunk of a car and the bike could be attached onto a bick rack for sightseeing purposes.  Any ideas out there??
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Casdi (author)2015-08-25

I came across this one today.


If you do a search for "wheelchair bicycle", you will find many videos to inspire you. Here are some:

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psymansays (author)2010-05-25

 This sounds a little dangerous, for people who already have limited mobility. Pedaling a bike with the weight of two people is very strenuous, and the wheelchair-steering mechanism could lead to a lot of tip-overs or crashes. If you do go ahead with this idea, I would say you should consider adding an electric-assist kit to the bike, so that you don't get fatigued from trying to pedal it.

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yoyology (author)2010-05-24

It's not DIY, but there are a couple of solutions out there for sale.  At AbleData the CAREBIKE and the DUET look like the kind of thing you might be seeking.

You also might look at this instructable for inspiration.

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Re-design (author)2010-05-24

Attach an axle (skewer if you're a biker) mount to the back of the wheel chair at the right height.  It's one of those things made to mount to the bed of a pickup to carry your bike.  You take off the wheel and the axle (skewer) mounts to the adapter.

Then you just drive the thing like a 3 wheeler.

But it's not likely to be easy to pedal.

And, you're only going to have brakes on the rear now unless you figure out some way of providing brakes on the wheelchair which could be dangerous since more braking on one side will result in a sharp and uncontrolled turn to that side.

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