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  • What they said, "Something Like The Power Failed"
  • Binary, "000000000000000000100000000000000000"  t00 many Zeros.
  • Religion,"Our Revered Deities Unloaded On Us Members"
  • Members, "Lithium Rain posted" splazem & dombeef Cooked ;-D Blog
  • Robot, "The Robot Was Sick Due to Bad Lube"
  • New Owner "First clumsy effort to install pay per view sadw"
  • Conspiracy "Inscrutable's Turn for Gov Spy Ware Install Day"
  • K'nexers,  "Working Together Inserted Room Sized Router in Dallas"
  • Technical, "It Was The Customer's Fault"
  • Customers, "It Was The Company's Fault"
  • Electrical, "Supply Redundant 10A Feeds To a 12A User ???!!!??"
  • Goth, "Too Much UV Light"
  • Mechanical, "Micro Quakes Let Dust Seep Into Card Edge Separating Mated Electrical Contacts"
  • Shaving Creme, "Road Apples Came Down to Sting UP The Place"
  • Wiring, "Temporary Fix Rewired as Technically Permanent Fix"
  • BUGS, "Finally They Added"
  • ATS, "Could Be Repaired (They do Fail) Replacement Safety Is Paramount"
  • 503, "Was The Correct Error of The Wrong Day"
  • Path, "Our Collective TAO Had a Gopher's Holiday Trip"
  • Attack, "A Mythbusters Tack Was Found further Along The way" Don't Ever Believe the Simple !
  • Anything Else, "Sure Missed Some Bad Ones Sorry" Please Give The Reason You Believe It Was ?


Not sure what this is all about, but I was mentioned! Yay, I am becoming famous! :)
Oh, BTW, you spelled happened wrong.

Me too!

I think this is about the server messup yesterday

Thanks, fixed it :-)

:) Oh, I get it now.

The reason ? The FRONT FELL OFF>>>>

Employees, "They only had a minimum crew +1" LoL.


6 years ago

No wait, maybe the robot was checking the instructable debt ceiling & fell off the ladder.................... Man, I need to cut down on the NPR


6 years ago

I thought "everything is bigger in Texas"....... I guess not the power grid!

Director, This gets better every view :-)

Most definitely the responsible Party after reading the sub text.....
I feel soo Bad having been denied access to Germanic lip reading (101)
in my homeland, so long ago.

ElectroMagneticPulse, "Showoff" So much for "I promise not to use it"