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WIFI Mapper Answered

Hey All! I'm a frustrated guy when it comes to Wifi. I can never get the hang of where to position my notebook in the room to get a decent signal. The worst of all is that the best wifi spot in the house is subject to change all the time. Maybe it's the microwave being on, someone on the cordless phone, etc. I'd like to make the Roomba use a gradient descent algorithm to find the best place in the area to position my laptop, or any other 802.11a/b/g/n enabled device. That way, I can let the Roomba spin around a room for a minute to show me where to best sit down. I believe this capability of Roomba will be both easy to implement, and highly useful. In fact, by being able to export a map of the local wifi signal in an area, college/workplace admins would better find out where to position wireless access point and repeaters. WarRoomba-ing, anyone? Please use your powers for good and not for evil ; )s In my deign, I could see a whole host of like minded applications - best radio/TV signal, bluetooth, best WiMax, Satellite, best...you name it. Right now I am focused on WiFi, but I am looking into feasible TV/radio methods, too, since my TV reception is AWFUL! (Worse than Wifi, but not used as heavily). This will be my first Instructable, and I am anxious to get started!


Sorry for the post but I have already send my project which looks like yours, so I think it is a bit copy but we will see whose Wireless Radar is the best. Good Luck

. Add a signal strength meter - Red, Yellow, Green ought to be enough. Then you could see the good spots while the 'bot is roaming.

Definitely! Like a little status indicator. Thanks!