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WTF!!! Is Spyware attacking macs!?!?! Answered

WTF!!! Is my mac under attack by some spyware!?!?! I really don't know, I was surfing the internet to find out how to hack into parental control (almost same thing as net nanny) that my is going to put on me soon to prevent using instructables so much. The window that I was surfing on just disappeared and the smaller window came up saying my computer is infected by spyware! Then I clicked "cancel", then another window popped up, its antivirus 2009, it had scanned my computer, then is said it has detected some dangerous spyware on my mac computer! Is this really true? Is mac computers beginning to get all the problems like PC always have??? Or is it an error?


Yep, just a pop-up. But does she want to limit your instructabling? It's educational.

Yeah, I know now, but who is "she"? And did you say instructabling is educational?

For some reason I thought you said your mom was going to be doing it. And yes, the very idea of instructables is to teach others.

Ahh, I see, in fact, it is my dad that want me to limit my instructabling, what he really wants me to do is stop using instructables and never use instructables ever again... :( I don't know why, but he really hates instructables for some unknown reason. :(

To avoid total cutoff, I recommend not getting on very much for a bit, and volunteering for chores or extra work around the house (unpleasant, I know). That might do the trick.

Yeah, your right, I need to to this tortuous work...

here is what i do,i don't tell anyone in the first place

To avoid getting banned form the lovely instructables...

Well, if you do get kicked off, just remember you will eventually leave home, and then you can return. We won't forget you; we'll welcome you back. :)


9 years ago

Consumer Reports recently reported that Mac users are much more at risk than PC users when it comes to Phishing. The stock web browsers don't have the protections that the latest versions of IE and Firefox have. You might want to consider using Firefox.

I right now use Safari, Firefox makes my computer run so slow...

Does that mean Macs are dying? YESH!!!

Nope! I later found out that this was all a fake... Antivirus 2009 is a deadly spyware to the weak PC's... But, harmless to the wonderful macs!

What does "ftw" mean? If it is a curse word, PM me... And why do you hate the macs anyway?

ftw for the win(ner).

Macs are horrible. I just absololutly hate them.

Then explain! By comment or PM! I want to know!
Or else... (you don't want to know the else part!)

Fine.... apple is just way too complex. To download stuff for mac programs it's like, "In the spots below, type the information" Email: Address: Age: Date Of Birth: Height: Weight: Which iPod do you own? Address: Planet: Favorite donut: Etc.

super justin, im trying to be nice here, but please, PLEASE go and get your facts right before commiting yourself to a point. 'And not everything works correctly' - is the view of someone who has no idea what there talking about. Macs work better than windows, easily, handsdown.

>Macs work better than windows, easily, handsdown. *opinion*

Look, there is just wayy to much to keep up with. And Macs work better than windows? Can this Instructables community finally learn to grow up and see that not everyone agrees with your opinion? Stop acting like your still in elementery school.

'i personally respect the fact that all OS's have there uses, and people have there own preferences. ' - a quote from me on august the tenth. I have no problem with you having your own opinion, but please get your facts straight. i mean look what plasmana said earlyer 'Oh, well for me, I find macs easier to use than PC's. ' Thats his opinion, then look at your reply . That really doesnt fit with the whole 'Can this Instructables community finally learn to grow up and see that not everyone agrees with your opinion? Stop acting like your still in elementery school.' I beleave hypocrite is the word im looking for. But then im guessing your still in school? so i will let you off.

Well, yes I can understand I am a hypocrite sometimes, but not now. When I said "I'm guessing you didn't read the whole list" I meant because I put humor into it and I didn't see him say anything like "LOL" or "haha". Not that he was supposed to ar anything.

Im glad you understand, next time try and figure it out before you offend someone.

I didn't offend anyone, but w/e, conversation, over.

Oh, well for me, I find macs easier to use than PC's.

Hmm... I'm guessing you didn't read the whole list I wrote...

my dad had that for a while, so he backed up some stuff and reformatted, we tried everything though. it puts a bug in IE and you can get rid of it but its still in IE so it re-downloads itself and blocks you from downloading most stuff like firefox and everything that can get rid of it.

who cares, macs are too damn expensive anyway, thats why i made my windows look mac-like. still working on somethings and getting some bugs out but still cheaper by about 2 grand

FTW!!! Spyware is attacking macs!!!