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Wakeboarding Tricks Answered

I'm counting down the days until summer for one thing; wakeboarding.

Its something I think I'd be good at, I don't like sports, but i'm sort of athletic. Last year i was just getting the hang of it by the end of the season. This year i'm stronger and bigger, and i'm optimistic that i'll be able to get a lot better this year. Plus my friends are going to learn with me on our boat.

I'm positive that i can get the basic two wake jump down, riding switch, doing surface 180's and maybe a 360. Maybe some simple board grabs?
No idea.

But I wanted something I could practice on and perfect that's more than just that, some kind of aerial trick.

Are there any wakeboarders out there that are willing to tell me what to start off learning once i have the basics down?

Thanks, I cant say how excited i am for school to end...29 more days....hopefully by the end of summer i'll be acceptably good.

as a side note, does anyone know the legal age in FL to drive a ski boat alone?
I took my boaters safety test and i already have my learner's permit for driving a car.

i know you have to be 14 with a boaters license to drive a PWC, but what about boats?
I also know for people under 21 you have to have a boaters license and (i think) a picture ID.
But i'm not sure, does anyone know for sure?



Yesterday i was messing around on a trampoline, trying to do a frontflip. I never could do one, my body tells me that i shouldnt, that i'll hurt myself. I don't know if i'll ever be able to get upside down, even if i'm able to(i don't even plan on trying this year or next year...but when the time comes...). It drives me crazy, i know i could do it, my body tells me no because i might hurt my neck... oh well, maybe i'll overcome that fear. At least its not a completely irrational fear, right? Good news- we're renting a place for a week on lake placid, so i get to have friends over and teach them how to wakeboard, kneeboard, and stuff. And i can practice anything i want day after day. Hopefully it won't be a solid week of getting water ran up my nose, into my brain.

I taught myself to do a frontflip on a trampoline * by firstly doing somersaults with my hands and legs touching the mat, then doing them very quickly with just hands touching, then getting to where I could do it and just barely brush the mat with my hands, until I was doing a very low front flip. After that I just work up the nerve to jumpm and do it. :D

*Disclaimer - it's your fault. All of it.

I always wanted a trampoline but we never got one. I think my mom just figured I'd fall off of it...

I would just try jumping like a little bit if I was going to try any "tricks" haha. I'm not very good at wakeboarding, but good enough to be able to stand up and move kind of in and out of the wake. :P

As far as I can see, it's a pretty good trick just to stay upright!

haha You'd be surprised at how easy it is to get up and stay up, most beginners learn how to get up and stay up in about 15 minutes, maybe 30. The people who take longer don't know when to let go of the rope, so when they try to learn how to get up, and they do it wrong, they faceplant into the water. Then they don't want to try again.

no one knows how to wakeboard?