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Waking up on Father's Day Answered

Good morning, world!

The boys woke me up around 9:30 this morning, gave me cards (#2 had made his at school) and a big Fruit-and-Nut Toblerone.

When I came downstairs, they worked together to grill some waffles for my breakfast (their first time using the grill without supervision, and they didn't set fire to any of the waffles!)

Now they've sat me in front of the PC to "play on your Instructables" while they go and get dressed so they can take me to the DVD shop to hire a disc for us to watch together. Apparently it's going to be something called Dragon Wars.

So, what are you doing for your fathers, or what did your sproglets do for you?


The whole family was on vacation over what happened to be father's day weekend, and my dad and I had busted our butts hiking up and boarding down the Great Sand Dunes here in Colorado the Friday and Saturday. For Father's Day itself, though, we went to the Gator Farm and wrestled gators, then drove home through South Park. It's actually nothing like it is on TV. But that's not a normal Father's Day thing for us. I'm also working on a wireless audio system, where I can plug a transmitter into, say, our phonograph, and transmit that to our computer, where it is plugged in there. He wants a USB turntable, but I'm an incurable DIYer. (On that note, I suck at electrical things. My transmitter isn't working. Would anyone who knows wtf they're doing be willing to help me troubleshoot?) Sadly, me making something, it taking longer than expected, and then Dad actually receiving it sometime between the start of summer and the Pike's Peak Hill Climb is a Father's Day tradition for us.

Many years ago, we went to a gator farm in Florida - everybody working there were cousins, and the main man told the visitors how his paw used to take him hunting for alligators - paw would take the boat out into the swamp, throw the boy out and then stand and shoot at any ripples that headed their way.

I know some people that would probably hunt for gators that way, given the chance...

We discussed it,(along with a luncheon meat suit for bear hunting) but my youngest boy declined....SISSY!

Well, it would pretty much guarantee you'd see a bear.... I reminds me of a story a guy my dad used to work with told me. He loved to go bowhunting for bear without a sidearm. Not having a just-in-case gun had worked for him for years. When his son finally was old enough to hunt, he took him along. A bear charged the two of them and they got about four arrows into it before it dropped ten feet ahead of them. They never went bowhunting without a sidearm again, and definitely not for bear!

It used to be illegal in Arkansas to carry a sidearm while bowhunting. I know what they were thinking, but BEARS for gooness sake!! We only have black bears here, but I'm pretty sure they can turn nasty when they have an arrow sticking out of them.

Yeah, the bears around here don't really like being shot with arrows. Go figure. I'm not really sure what state the guy was hunting in at the time (not much bear in Arizona where he lived), but I remember that guns were allowed for self-defense only. I'd guess that the law happened after one too many mauled hunters.

When you're actually FROM South Park, it's really just like the TV show. Really crazy. It's like the guys made jokes only we would understand. What the heck for? There's only like a handful of us anyway... Anyway, did you see the new Coney Island? It's way better now than when it was in Aspen Park. Where is the gator farm??

Well, they *were* from just over the pass. I know some folks just over the pass in the other direction, too, and they remind me of the TV show a lot. Probably the whole mountain region. The gator farm is a little ways north of Alamosa on Colorado 17. Actually, you get off on county road 6N at Mosca and go a little ways. I didn't get the chance to see the new Coney Island. Once we got on 285, we didn't stop much until Denver.

My dad thinks fathers day was manufactured by the retail industry to boost sales and create a new market for cards and gifts, but he doesn't mind if i actually make him something so i carved a little spoon out of a stick and burned Smart into it with a magnifying glass (smart is my surname btw) I would post a pic but he took it to work :P

That's kind of the way we treat Valentine's day. I'll never be guilted into buying the Hallmark stuff, but I have bought my wife a few cars and guns on Valentine's day over the years.

Most if not all of these "occsions" like Halloween, valentines day, mothers,fathers day have all been blown out of proportion so that we feel the need to buy more gifts, the human element of "ill give her this because i love her" has gone in most cases and people buy gifts just to conform with the social trend.

That's true. But, if you're going to give gifts sometime during the year anyway, I figure those days are as good as any. I do however boycott the industries that try to make you buy their disposable, useless crap, on that particular day.

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It didn't-I saw it about 8 hours after you apparently posted it.

Weird bug, then, because I didn't see it on the lists until today.

Oooh...you meant turn up on the lists...I just saw it on your page...never mind!

Stalk, stalk, stalk!! :D Not that I can talk. I got here from his page as well.

(I think the same thing is happening to me. I submitted two topics, but still no sign of them, except on my page.)

I submitted a topic about a spy gadgets contest idea, posted it, and didn't see it on the lists. I deleted it, made another, and posted it again. Got a double post message, deleted it, changed the name, posted again. Repeated three more times, got frustrated, and gave up.

As for father's day; I went airsofting with my friends while he stayed home and painted the dining room we're remodeling. : /
Oh wait, Dad and I saw The Incredible Hulk later that afternoon too.

Meh, it was O.K. I generally don't like superhero movies, especially completely unrealistic ones. It's hard to gain that suspension of disbelief when you're watching a man turn into a green, bulging thing.

The only superhero movie I think I've liked was Iron Man (except for the ending battle, what a cliche!).

*Spoiler* Tony Stark even appears in the ending of Incredible Hulk telling the general he is putting together a team, suggesting an Iron Man/ Hulk movie... */Spoiler*

I'm with you on that - Batman is about the only superhero I like.

Ah yes, Batman. I forgot him. He's legit, I have all the old(ish) movies on DVD. The one where he fights Two-face and the Riddler is my favorite, I think (It's been a while).I'm going to see the new one when it comes out, along with Get Smart and the new Mummy.

i posted 2 topics. they both turned up at the same time. the first one took 2 days and the second one showed up instantly!

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That must be an Instructables Robot malfunction again ... Unless it's its evil twin brother ??? ---> the Destructables Robot !

This was my refrigerator magnet present she made in school with a Father's Day card. We had a great day together.


That is cute.

#2 son drew me on his card, and I had hair all the way across!

#2 son is now my favourite.

Very cute. :) I didn't do anything for father's day. I worked. I thought about getting Jason a card from the cats, but decided I was too lazy and that I'd probably not find anything good at the store.

well I'm not a father of course, I'm only 14, but for this fathers day I took my dad golfing.

That's cruel and unusual punishment.

It's a waste of a pleasant walk in the park. Actually, I saw Tiger Woods on the news this evening - it doesn't look like a very pleasant walk, either.

well you could say a golf course is like a park :P there's grass everywhere.....

Dad and I went to Home Depot and then went to Uncle Joe's for burgers and hot dogs. And we watched golf on Uncle Joe's new big screen, which is something outrageous like 74 inches or something.

Good grief - that wouldn't actually fit against any of our walls.

He wanted to get something like 100+ inch, but the Mrs. wouldn't let him.

Hundred inches? I've been to cinemas with smaller screens!

(Seriously - Cine City in Salford. You used to phone up an answer machine to find out what was on - it always started "Welcome to Sin City...."


10 years ago

We (my sister and I) took ole' daddy-O to his favorite diner, went to home-depot and had a movie marathon

Oh, a DIY shopping day - nice.

yep, whilst he was gawking at some tools i bought him some torx wrenches shh, they are for his birthday


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