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Walk like Pan Answered

Seattle artist Kim Graham has created a set of stilts mimicking the extended foot of a horse or other grazing animal. Her satyr costume is pretty much the best ever... And check out how they look in motion!


She is making them for sale, but there is a long wait time and they will cost something like $1000 depending on the optional spring-loaded hooves.



Balsac from GWAR has been doing that for years

These are COOL! I want to make some! It would be so much fun to go walking around in the supermarket in, making people stare and wonder what they are! Definitely added to my list of strange and funny things to do in public places...

Awesome! I actually have more than half the supplies on there. I didn't think they would be so simple.

Them's horse-hooves, not goat-hooves...


They are certainly shaped more like horse hooves, but I think they're cloven. Anyway you could put whatever kind of hoof you wanted, if you were making them!

My sister want's goat-hooves, so she might like these. But I know she'd complain that they weren't right... Hmm worth thinking about. L

They're more impressive without the fabric covering, IMO.

Maybe it's just my recent TV habits, but they strongly remind me of Star Wars walkers.

Indeed, also there should be a spring at the ankle

Yea, I think they're better without the covering too. Why cover all the neat things that make it work? With the covering, it just looks like a stiff, bent material. Still, it is very impressive.

Those are impressive! I think I should try making those! (it would take a while...)


9 years ago

Best Halloween costume ever?

Interesting, but don't ladies have enough problems with high heels already?