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Want a job building spaceships? Answered

I know a few people here are ready to start looking for a "proper" job.

Assuming you don't get your dream job at The Tower, there's a strong second-choice: building spaceships.

Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan's company that built SpaceShipOne and Global Flyer) are looking to hire all sorts of people on all sorts of jobs. Some sound genuinely exciting, and some even state they will be working on SpaceShipTwo.

Scaled is looking for people that like to build things with their hands and are good craftspeople. Must enjoy a fast-paced R&D environment and enjoy working in a team atmosphere. Entry-level through experienced persons needed.

See that? Entry-level through experienced persons needed - that's all of you, chaps.




10 years ago

Damn - no computational biology openings? How shortsighted of them... :-(

You would like to grow a spaceship ? *chuckle*

There's enough "grown" spacecraft in the SF genre...

Actually, a well-presented resume could get a biologist into space - hydroponics for self-sufficiency in orbit, breeding flora and fauna to feed Martian colonists.

Go on, Patrik, try it!

You know, I seriously contemplated applying when ESA was soliciting for astronaut candidates a while back. Up to and including reading up on the physical qualification...

... but then I found out I wouldn't qualify because of my eyesight. :-(

NASA recently started accepting LASIK and similar eye procedure though, so there's hope for me yet. Of course, by now I'm getting older and out of shape...

Shuttle pilots wear glasses now, and if you aren't actually piloting the thing the health requirements aren't so strict - John Glenn may have been a very fit 77 year-old when he last flew, but he was still 77, and the various space tourists haven't all been spring chickens, either.

You wouldn't grow spaceships. You would grow the fuel. Biodiesel rockets are the future. Just think, farmers would become rocket scientists. *sarcasm*

I will gladly grow either one - provided I get to fly! :-D

I do think they will need to improve the "octane" of biofuels before then though :-)

Holy shit! I wonder if they have any summer short term opportunities available...

Damn, looks like naught :/

We are sorry but Scaled is unable to hire Summer interns or Co-op students. Scaled does not offer part time positions.

This makes me sad... But one of my best friends/roommate is looking for a career now - I'll forward this to him :) I know he sent info to Pratt & Whitney - the person he spoke with was impressed with his senior design (Parametric study and dynamic control of a swirl burner) - I personally can't wait to see it working, it'll blow any Ruben's Tube away (they're going to put a speaker/driver under it for vibration simulation).

Crap - Shoot me in the FACE! I'd love to have this job as entry level

Seeking experienced, well-rounded Design Engineer with a good knowledge of all stages of composite structural design, including: conceptual design, layout, sizing, detail design, fabrication instruction writing, and shop liaison. Problem solving and good communication skills are required. Hands-on experience with composites part fabrication and assembly processes required.Stress analysis skills (hand analysis or FEA) and proficiency in CATIA V5 a plus. Pilot, aircraft homebuilding and rapid prototyping experience a strong plus. Multiple positions are available.

I don't know CATIA, but I've got FEA experience with IDEAS and my professor had us do "small" hand calcs (30x30 matrices) - small compared to the x million by x million matrices done by machine :p

Hell - look at my avatar.. now look at SpaceShipOne.... Yes, we ripped off their windscreen design, but it was effective and had that sizzling "hot" appearance :p

Kiteman, this makes me sad that I'm not graduating until next spring - maybe there will be more available then :) I'd love to be a part of their historical work :D

end rantish like post... Enter the Irony that the song "Another one bites the dust" by Queen is playing in my computer right now :/

Look at it this way - if they don't have more openings available in the future, you wouldn't want to work for them anyway! ;-)


I do hope they will take under-age interns...

Why does it seem that everything (almost) happens on the end of the world (country.....same thing for me) ?

Seems like a great opportunity for some of the right people! Good luck to anyone who applies.