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Want to feel *really* small and insignificant? Answered

Maybe you have heard of the "Tree of Life"?

It's an old idea, with the first version being sketched by Darwin.

There's a new (ish) one out.  I saw rough copies last year, but the reference pages of Dawkin's latest book led me to this web page.

The image of the Tree there is, officially, "simplified", but still contains 3000 species, so it has a convenient "you are here" marker (second image, plus PDF file).

Apparently, to see it properly, you have to print it out at a size of four and a half feet or more...

The tattoo is on the back of Clare D'Alberto, who is working on her Ph.D. in biology at the University of Melbourne, but I'd love to see what the Makers here could do with the original image?



7 years ago

I was going to ask about names for the branches of the trees then realised there was a perfectly good Wikipedia article on taxonomy awaiting me :)

Is there an equivalent tree that shows the branching of the major taxonomic ranks?  I only ask because I'd like to see what other sorts of animals fall under the same phylum and genus and family and so on.

I can see my house from here!

. As if I didn't have enough self image issues already. <heavy sigh>

LOL. An occasional bit of insignificance does the soul good, but the weather's too bad to lie on a hill and try and see past the sky.