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Want to make a Light-up Timer, Looking for help/information? Answered

I work with students that are disabled. Several are deaf.
I would like to make a small timer that lights up or blinks instead of buzzes.
The timer would need to be small like hand held size.

If there is anyone that could point me in a direction... OK, the right direction.

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seandogue (author)2010-10-28

What kind of time durations do you need?

For short (~couple of minutes or less) a 555 Timer, a couple of AAA batteries, a couple of resistors and capacitors, and another couple LEDs would do the trick. Oh, and a small plastic case in which to insert the circuit.

For something more akin to long durations, I don't really think a 555 is suitable and imo, you'd be getting into the realm of the 8 pin IC uP, or perhaps one of the cheaper Arduinos

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orksecurity (author)2010-10-27

There's a large enough deaf community that these should be available as off-the-shelf products, probably at a reasonable price.

Websearching "timer deaf light" finds several.

If you want to build your own: Find a timer circuit. Remove the buzzer, replace it with a light or LED that will run on the same voltage. Or, if you want a brighter light, replace the buzzer with a relay and use that to control the light.

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