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Want to try out the Instructables superbeta? Answered

We've got some awesome new features including forums, private messaging, and comment tracking that we need help testing out today. Send me an email (ewilhelm instructables) if you're interested in breaking the new site!


um, it says: posted by ewilhelm on Monday, Oct 23 at 3:17 PM

It never says the year! You guys should do something about that....It creates awkward situations..... And, personally, I liked the Old rating system better. The one with pluses and Minuses, not just pluses...

psst, I can't see the year either, is it there, or am I crazy?

There are years for comments, but not for publishing. Maybe eric didn't think it would last this long. And I do like the old ratings more.

Not to mention, this was origionally posted as an instructable, before the forums existed! *loud gasp*

...Whoops. Didn't check the date, just saw the other recent posters.

Sounds hi-tech.

This is ollllld. Way before I found this site.

Oooh! Oooh!! Me! Meee!!!! Please pick me!!!!!


It is cool that you brought this back up. It is fun to see the many changes that Instructables implemented with the site.

Duuude, this is oooooold!

We've got some awesome new features including forums, private messaging, and comment tracking

Forums? -check: PM -check: Comment Tracking -check

I want in but I'm too lazy to open my email in annother window.

*raises hand*


11 years ago

Can this site get any better? It would be a pleasure to be involved in the Beta test. Esp as I am working on my first instructable offering, inspired by many months of reading through these excellent projects.

how bout me?

I would love to beta test! Can you add me on the list?


11 years ago

Just registered today, but if I'm going to learn something new, I may as well learn something SUPER NEW. Thanks in advance!

ill try the super beta. im up for anything

You're in. It's getting closer to when we'll need help.

hey I love instructibles, I will try anything new

I'm sorta new to instructables (I've been visiting it since there were about 300-400 instructables, but I just got an account today), but I'm willing to help. Send me the info thing in my instructables inbox please

CAn you add me to the list. Thanks

I'd like to. Who do I email?

You're on the list! It probably will be around two weeks until we need more testing.

sorry inbox

Here I'm up for it send me that private thingy telling me what to do exactly in my inboz (on instructables) please thank you

Awesome nice job!

Thanks! I'm still collecting beta testers. We'll probably need more beta testing in 2 weeks or less. Send me your email via a private message or email.