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Want to use a pet door as garage vent. Answered

I am a renter and have a 2 car garage with a pet door in between. The garage stays pretty hot even with a fan running. I needed to vent some of this hot air. I thought I could take a box fan and design some sort of ducting to allow the hot air to be sucked out and cooler air in and also prevent the pets from escaping. I figured I could remove the plastic grill and attaching the duct to the screw holes left from the grill removal. Not so great with geometry but needed to slope the duct box doen to the rectangular shape of the pet door.

Any thoughts?


> design some sort of ducting
.  Use corrugated cardboard and masking tape to get the design you want. For that Redneck Engineering look, apply a layer of duct tape when finished. Or transfer the design to something a bit more heavy-duty, eg, plywood or sheet metal.
.  Especially since there will be small animals in the vicinity, I'd leave any guards on the fan.
.  Some hardware cloth (~1/2" wire mesh) over the duct openings should do the trick there.

Makes sense. I will try the cardboard idea first and later possibly try flashing or sheet metal.

Where's the heat coming from? My dad found that adding expanded polystyrene sheet to the back of the metal door really cut out the solar heating effect through the door.


The garage doors don't seem to be the source of heat but the room itself has poor circulation.

If you are able to post photos of the garage (inside & out), we could suggest landlord-friendly ways of cooling the shed.