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Wanted: 9 volt light sensor module Answered

Calling all you that know and enjoy making circuits.

Here is my problem.  This is too bulky of a solution with a relay switch and 12v battery pack.


What I would like is a 9 volt input and 9 volt output.  Actually, whatever the input should equal output.  So if I connect 3 v battery, I want 3 v output.  Right now I need 9 volt in = 9 volt out. 

No Relays!!!  Simple and clean circuit board only.

The LED can't be soldered to the board.  I need the capability of extending from the board with wire to adapt to my needed projects.

On another note, if you know of something already on the market, please send a link.  I will be happy to make the purchase.

OH... no modules that need a microcontroller.  Need a stand alone module.


Looking forward to hearing back soon.

The Water Dog

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Downunder35m (author)2017-03-04

Have you checked these battery operated spray cans for room freshener and insect sprays?
Usually 3-4.5V and all you need included....

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DiyWaterDog (author)Downunder35m2017-03-04

Have not heard of such a product. Care to send a link to something I can view?

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