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Wanted: Car Sensing Camera Answered


I'm looking to build a solar powered camera that detects cars moving past and takes a photo. I've been trialing an off the shelf model that relies on software to detect motion but it does not perform well when the cars are travelling over 15km/h. For this reason I'd like to try and develop a camera that senses the magnetic properties of a car (like traffic lights).

I'm open to suggestions but here's how I picture it working:

Magnetometer detects car > Micro controller > Camera > Micro controller > 3G/4G antenna > Internet.

The system would need to be powered by a battery which is charged by a solar panel.

Send me an email and we can chat on how to tackle the project. I work for an environmental consultancy so we can provide you with proof of an internship. impact.environmental.ptyltd@gmail.com


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caitlinsdad (author)2017-01-23


You should be able to sense when the car is approaching to give it time to fire off the camera. Maybe look into those deer-cams for capturing wildlife that darts by. Good luck.

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