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Wanted: Gameboy camera and/or Gameboy printer Answered

I'm looking for a game boy camera and printer


I have both would you still like them?

I was thinking around 40 for both and i have paper for the printer too... and its not easy to find anymore.

what do you think?

Isn't the paper just treated with thermal activating ink?

I have no idea... I wonder if it is too?

It's the same paper that is used in tills (cash registers), the roll is alot smaller though. The official Nintendo paper is also sticky backed.

Yeah, also the same stuff that label printers use (like Dymo ones, not the handheld ones.) It would be possible to just slice the register paper down then... Also, is the paper itself perforated or does the printer have the ^v^v^v^ like blade?

I have both too, but the printer has no paper. ten for the camera and fifteen for the printer.

If the OP already got him the camera and printer i would be interested in this :)