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Wanted: Instructable for this amazing paperclip chandlier Answered


For the sake of my sanity, someone PLEASE do an instructable on how to create this amazing paperclip chandelier!


search instructables for the paperclips chandelier
It's made by SHIFT!

It would be nice to get a tutorial still, seeing as it is a masterpiece...and the etsy store is sold out of everything...even their pdf tutorial, so i feel outta luck!

Well, it looks to me like they connect four into a square, then add another 3 onto that to make a figure of 8, then carried on and on, wrapping it around the shade. You could easily make something less simple, maybe using the frame off an old lamp?

why would you want to make it less simple?

I'll give you a leg up - they're constructed in interconnected couplets and you have to form the rows as a chain. And make sure to set approx. one week aside for the project. ;) Penelope Bridge www.redesigntechnologies.etsy.com

Was the chandelier featured one of yours, or do other people make them as well?