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Wanted: Jar O' Fireflies Answered

alright, so me and a friend went to the salvage yard this weekend and came up with mostly bubkis as far as awesome. EXCEPT for a really fun salt/pepper shaker set that looks like cowboy boots, and this nifty shaped light bulb (i'll get pics). it's freakin massive, it's at least a foot long and something like 6-7 inches across and has a really interesting shape. for $2 i couldn't really pass it up. while thinking up things to do with it i remembered the fireflies in a jar ible (https://www.instructables.com/id/Jar-of-Fireflies one of the many). now, i SUCK at electronics and i REALLY suck at soldering so there's almost no chance of me being able to make one of these. any chance someone would be willing to make me one (or if anyone has links to a place where i can by the sucker premade) i'd gladly pay for one.


You still want this done? I've got the skills and it sounds like fun....

i do indeed. of course it depends on the cost , this guy http://twilightlights.com/contents.html is apparently still on permanent vacation.

I'll have a look next week. Nag me if I forget :)