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Wanted: very simple project Answered

Hello. I'm biginner and I need very very simple project, I mean the simplest possible. 
I need to make something in digital electronics, something using protoboard and some diodes, transistors and resistors and use that to make something useful but very simple...

can you please think of something that is so simple and let me know? I will pay



6 years ago

heres a project for you i am going to wind my own pick ups for my guitar i am going to use a old sewing machine for the winder what i need is a counter to tell me how many wrapes i have it must be able to count up to 12,000 at some what high speeds let me know if you are up to the challage

What you may want to do is go to Radio Shack, Fry's or other similar electronics store and get an electronics beginner's kit. Usually you can find the simple one for under $20USD.

Once you get a few of the kit's projects done, you will be more comfortable finding projects on here.

It sounds like you haven't been acquainted with our search bar in the upper right hand corner.

Let me introduce you.


6 years ago

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6 years ago

I need you to make that project, possible to film while you doing it or just take pictures and make it and draw scheme of that project, for example (http://i.imgur.com/6FTtU.gif)

So, you want somebody to do your homework for you, so that you can copy it?

Have you even bothered to try searching the site?

that's right. I've been searching but I dont know how easy that is what I found

As Flintlock says, try the search box, top-right.

Wait... Did he just admit that he's trying to get someone to do his homework for him?

Now that's just silly.

He did.

At least he's being honest about it - some of them don't think we'll notice.

it is obvious. I'm just honest. I have to do it but I dont like it at all. but I will use search box