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Wanting to go out with a bang Answered

Alright, I'm sure you guys get the message, I don't build much lately. I think I might stash away the K'nex soon (I'll still stick around) but I feel bleh that I haven't actually posted anything in forever. I was going to get more images of the UMP-45 but I ended up mutating it into a non functioning modelish gun while I was bored and it'd take work to regut it so hopefully someone figures it out from the two pictures I posted. It's really not that hard.

Anyways, to the point. I still have that idea floating in my head from over a year ago that no one has been able to help me with yet. Basically, it's a fully automatic gun that doesn't require a motor, and it'd get decent range. The concept is pretty much to modify an RBG type gun to work with a piston system like the ones in modern firearms. It should have a controllable RoF then. The problem is that I still need a good RBG mech! It's funny how tricky it turned out to be. I need a cog/gear and trigger system that takes little effort to operate. This means that you'll need to somehow minimize the friction between the trigger and whatever is holding the rubber bands. If it's sensitive enough, the rest should be simple. But grr people keep leaving and I need someone who can make such a mech to MAKE IT ALREADY! I've tried so many times myself and failed but I'll give it another shot. It's essential before I can move on to the rest of the design.


So...funny story. I'm still awaiting a good RBG mech design. I'm really surprised by just how many people aren't here anymore. I think I'll make a new topic and take attendance. Anyways, I had an idea for a new pin design of sorts that wouldn't require much reinforcement. I was going to incorporate it into my Oodassault. Well, while I was doing that I changed up a couple things with the 3.8. Ironically, the pin concept failed in it's current form, and I didn't want to modify it until it worked because I knew the previous band-based pin worked just fine.

So, to the point, I made Oodassault 3.9 after saying I was done with the series. It's not too different. I made four main changes and one of those was just a part of the handle to make it a little more comfortable. Another was changing the back of the gun so the pin doesn't wobble as much. I don't know if that really improved anything but I remember Zak complaining about it (whether if it was actually a problem or purely nitpicky MeZak counterfire, I don't know). Finally, the last two changes were to the magazine. It's still in the locking style like the 3.8 but I eliminated the unnecessary parts and it's surprisingly much lighter now. I also made a new pusher locking system that's easier to use though it sacrifices one shot and requires the weapon be cocked (good thing there's a safety, eh?) before loading a clip but it makes it easier to add rounds in mid magazine.

tl;dr I made yet another improved Oodassault when I probably shouldn't have but nonetheless it exists and I'll get photos later.

Hmmmmm.... I've thought of this. Instead of a piston I would used an escapement on the 'ratchet', similar to a clock, only faster.

Well technically the trigger I had in mind was an escapement of sorts. The problem is that K'nex have such limited shapes so it'd be hard to make one that drives itself. So I was going to use a piston to force it to "swing"
This would also let you, theoretically, control the RoF based on the length of the piston.

Well I won't be building, most likely, when I'm off. But I'm not going to be like all the other guys who just ditch the site and think they're accomplishing something by doing so--except setting themselves up for a grand reentry to stroke their egos when they decide to come back.

motaboi made something like this https://www.instructables.com/id/MotaBois-Semi-Auto-Knex-Rifle/

i made one a BIT like the description but not entirelly

It's odd how there are no new K'nexers replacing the old ones. I guess K'nex is fading in popularity.

Why don't you just get a piece of UHMW plastic and machine a replica knex part to use? (think applying teflon coating but the part is all teflon).

Because that really wouldn't be in the spirit of making a knex project. Some people think we are pushing the limit with tape and rubberbands as is.

Ah, you bunch of elite purists.

Granted, nothing wrong with trying to explore what you can do with something out of the box with no mods but has knex reached its limits of versitality?

Because I don't have the money and dedication to do that. =P
The point of K'nex is to be easy. Otherwise I'd be making my own plastic toys entirely. There's kind of a line there where if I'm going to make a mechanism, I might as well model the entire thing.