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War-Worthy K'nex Semi-Auto? Answered

This is an idea I have had for a while now, but only now do I have the pieces to bring it to life.  

This mechanism was developed 2 years ago by Luis XIV.  Only until about a week ago had I seen anything done with this amazing concept, even though it was simply the same thing with an uzi body around it.  However it was still a step forward.  

The horizontal magazine is really whats makes putting a trigger on this possible.  I can see it done using a vertical mag but it would be overly complex involving a series of ratchets and several cut parts.  Its even cooler that it is a removable horizontal magazine.

My overall goal it to make this a gun that would exceed in CQB scenarios.  It is small, compact, with a high rate of fire and a removable magazine.  It does get about 25-30ft but that was only with one #64, however adding any more would make for an uncomfortable trigger pull.

So do you guys like it?  Should I post it?




A version that shoots these will be posted, though I have yet to make it.


OH. I though those ball ammo things would be cool.

Please just post the one in the video.

Be great if you post both versions, most people don't have many of them :(

Hey! I mad a mech for a vertical mag.
1. Handle/ Mag
2. Trigger
3. Lift thing
4. Ammo
5. Mag Pusher
6. Firing thingy

How it works:

When the trigger is pulled it pushes a bullet (grey con) on the lift and then lifts it up to that firing mech (red con) Note: There is a gap between the trigger and the lift to have a delay. The delay is to let the bullet go on the lift first before lifting it and therefore firing the bullet.


I really have been wanting to work on this...as well as post my other gun but I haven't had the time to do anything with knex lately. I guess it is just going to have to wait unless someone can figure it out.

SO when do you think you might post it maybe summer break?

This reminds me of the first g11 concept. And good work i might try to make something similar.

Poooooooost its awesome, i will build!

I finished it and it's Pretty cool. But the mag feeds more than 2 grey cons.

Are two connectors feeding in horizontally or vertically?

well they go in and then twist and turn.
Ill get a pic soon. but my camera is not the best.

If you look closely at the receiver in picture 12, there are two grey connectors there are two grey connectors (one on each side of the free-swinging piece) where the bullet guides slide right under. If these are not in place, as well as the bullet guides, the bullet will get stuck.

I did that part. and im pretty sure i did everything right.

the rubber band on the pusher is probably too strong then if you did everything right. Can you get me a pic?

Well i removed handle cause i ran out of peices.

Pic 2: I changed the grey con to a orange con...
Pic 4: I dont know were the ammo guide went...


Hmmmm...does it feed in more than one when you release the mag pusher? By what I can see it looks like it should work...theres so many tiny things that can happen that can screw this up though.

Yeah i think that the mag pusher rubber band is too thick and also like you said when it feeds grey cons it feeds abit of the other grey con.

Anyways its epic, and i think you should post for others =D

How many grey cons can the mag hold?

Super epic. I'm going to try an build it!

I have never heard of this before, and I have no idea how it works. What I do know is that this seems awesome and I want one, totally. :-D

Absolutely fantastic. I'll sub to you, can't wait for it to come out.

looks good :D

I like a lot about this gun. Very close to war-worthy. Things I would recommend to do:

* Make it as small as possible. Pistol size.
* Regular magazine with high-capacity. 10-15 ish.
* Easier to find ammo. This really matters if somebody actually plans to use it in a war.

I can either have the mag behind the gun, on the stock, or in front, under the barrel. So pretty much it would have no stock and a longer barrel, or no barrel but a longer stock. Which do you think would be best?

I think you should extend the barrel and make it occupy both the stock AND the barrel.

That would be difficult because the receiver would have to be further from the trigger, and also it would have to shoot from closer to your shoulder, rather than further because this method involves the mech being behind the trigger, not in front.

how bout, what Dj Radio said :

I think you should extend the barrel and make it occupy both the stock and the barrel

What i was thinking, have a longer barrel, have a mag where the stock is, and another mag under the barrel as a spare, so when you switch, you have one under the barrel thats full

Well I want it to be as small as possible so I probably won't end up doing that.

I wouldn't mind a little bulk in the name of functionality.

Yeah but for the sake of simply carrying a spare mag I don't think it is worth it.

Better than putting it in your pocket.

At an expense of gross piece use, imagine if you had the magazines on a revolver-type setup, run out on one, and move a new one into place! Revolver configuration would be somewhat space efficient as well...

Keep it in the stock and I would not worry about making the gun any smaller.

You couldn't make it with a regular magazine? there's probably a way to do that.

keep it in the stock first thing id improve upon is the range then id try an up the mag capacity but good stuff

Hmmm...I'll try it both ways, maybe even post versions for both, since I see pros and cons for both methods.

Seems like your suggestions are contradicting themselves.