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Warning the following task is extremly difficult please help. I want to make a mark IIIironman suit. READ DESCRIPTION!! Answered

How do i make an ironman gauntlet that has a smooth finish and isn't bulky? Just like the one in the movie. Also, I want to make the full suit but I need to know how to make it look real with a smooth paint finish where to puchase the items and around how much it will cost. FULL ARMOR: SHOES TO THE HELMET. I have been searching the web but they never tell you where to buy them or exactly what to do. Please help ASAP thank you. PS also want repulsors, arc reactor, and eyes, but still need to be able to see through. Finished product should be similar to picture below.


cr tutorials has awsome instructibles on it

 Fiberglass and card paper... and lots of time... i have aninstructable coming...

Yeah, theres only...16 of them off top of my head....on this website...alone...