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Washout! Is there a good way to backfill under a concrete driveway? Answered

I just purchased a home, and we discovered some water damage to the fill under the driveway and front walk.  The driveway still has intact slabs, but a little freezing and thawing and I will have gravel instead.  I was thinking about trying to shove paver sand under the slabs, and into the gaps along the sides.  I was just wondering if anyone had a better idea, or suggestions on how to get the sand underneath and compacted enough to make a difference this winter.


If you can get it in underneath and filled effectively the likes of 10mm gravel would stay where it is and give some drainage, though it'd be hard work pushing it underneath fully...

I agree with seandogue-  get crushed or gravel stone, get down and dirty and pack it in as well as you can- I'm thinking a length of 2X4  as a tamper could work. 
Another thought-  make sure the cause of the wash-out is cured or your work will be wasted.

If money is no object- look for a local MUDJACKING service- they just charge for the service!

Good Luck!