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Water Mortar, Stylish Lamps, Sugar-Waxing... Answered

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Feb. 28, 2008

Welcome back!

See who won the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge!

More contest news:

March is Pets Month at Instructables, we're launching the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest today, and the Share the Love: Valentine's Day Speed Contest results have been posted here. Don't miss out!

We'll be at SXSW Interactive March 7-11. Make LED Floaties with us at the PopSci party on March 9th!

The Weekend Builder: Water Mortar, Stylish Lamps, Sugar-Waxing, and more cool projects!

Check out these cool instructables!

The SkyWalker TallBike Project
Ride a 12-foot bike and see the world in a whole new way!
posted byKoolKaton Feb 20, 2008
Turn an IKEA Applaro into a stylish lamp
Turn "ho-hum" into "beautiful" with some artsy paper and wood stain. A nice and effective intro to IKEA-hacking.
posted bycorinna.anni.rocon Feb 26, 2008
Build a water mortar
Build a super-soaker-like toy from PVC that can launch up to a quart of water per shot!
posted bym32825on Feb 26, 2008
Sharp low-noise photography with multiple photos
This is a guide to using multiple shots and photoshop to get clean and sharp pictures.
posted byELFon Feb 21, 2008
Simple ways to circuit bend a toy
Unleash the glitchy and awesome noises from within electronic toys once you get tired of their normal sounds.
posted bynknoufon Feb 21, 2008